About J. Kale Flagg

Entrepreneur J. Kale Flagg has achieved much success in growing his businesses. After working for several years in the financial industry, specifically on Wall Street, he transitioned into creating and hosting businesses development and sales seminars across the country. Mr. Flagg later began expanding his career interests to include the area of real estate, drawing on his background in sales, finance, and operations. Mr. Flagg’s specialization in these areas has become especially useful in his most recent venture, American Redevelopment Fund, LP, a real estate development fund of which he is the Chief Operations Manager and General Partner.

J. Kale Flagg’s other business ventures include AZAS, LLC, d/b/a/ ReGenesis International, a private label manufacturing company that offers assistance in retail sales and management consulting as well, and Stable Development, LLC, a real estate development firm for which he is the Chief Operations Officer, Director, and Owner. Under Mr. Flagg’s guidance, Stable Development owns and oversees properties at The Corporate Center at the Curve, the Coronado Medical and Surgery Center, and the Eldorado Hills Development Partnership. Stable operates on a unique business model focused on shared equity with tenants. As Chief Operating Officer, J. Kale Flagg also helped launch the state-of-the-art Eternity Medicine Institute, LLC, which now has offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Eternity Medicine Institute provides age management and a variety of other services to patients, including cardio-metabolic care, hormone therapies, and weight management.

A father of four, J. Kale Flagg resides with his wife in Reno, Nevada. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Yale University.



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